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Welcome Back! OMG it's 2018 ?!?!

Hey everyone!

Long time no see! It's 2018 and i'm keen to make this year the best one yet!  I had a busy 2017 and missed out on doing my Live at Charlie's Place but this year I'm back and I mean business :D


Let's see.. Whats new.. 

I am now up to season 3 of live at charlie's place. I've got a new camera and I have learnt a few new tricks so my mixes/ videos will be sounding/ looking better for 2018.  I have released my second album 'Coastal Grooves' which has lots of great collaborations with local artists..  A new album for this year is in the works also. 


Live at Charlie's Place season 3.

If anyone is interested in doing an episode of my show.. Make sure you get in contact with me! 

Live at charlie's place is a free music blog which is all about showcasing and supporting local music! 


I am also planning on starting a new podcast this year!

More info on that one soon :D


Have a great year everyone! 

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Приветствую всех! Класный у вас сайт! Что думаете по этим новостям?: Чудо-Яхта Ещё много всего по теме нашел тут:
Hellow my name is Martinknibe. Wery proper post! Thx :)
Hellow All I like pizza! :)

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