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Don't Worry guys! I'm still alive. Haha

Hey Everyone Charlie here

It has been a long time in between blogs. I’m still alive! I've been focusing my energy into other things for the past couple weeks but I decided a few big things are about to happen and it’s probably time to start blogging again to let everyone know!

Where to begin! So much has happened in the past two months. I have released a few more episodes of Live at Charlie’s Place, I am in the process of releasing my very first podcast, Lots of new music making and piano practice, a new camera, a laptop, plus lots of other things I’m sure I’m forgetting.

 My parents have been away so my brother and I have had to man the farm without them. A busy couple of weeks! But we had an awesome stripper party on the first night with lots of drugs. The house almost burnt down! Hahaha.. only joking.. that was to scare my mum I know my she will read this at one stage. I would like to thank our awesome team at Margin’s Mushrooms for really helping out the past few weeks!   Thank you Kate, Jessie, Indy + everyone else, You guys have been great!!)

Anyway lets get to it :D


Like I was saying before, The past few months have been busy with lots of new bands coming through.  I have just released my eighth episode and have more people lined up for the next few weeks.

Episode 4 – Niq Reefman – I first met Niq while he was busking at the Hornsby markets, His quirky style and sense of humour grabbed my attention, Also the guy is super talented! He plays the accordion, trumpet, Ukulele, sings and I’m sure there are many other things he can do. Niq only had a short time period as he was set to perform somewhere else that night, so we quickly set up and he played a few of his songs (All in one take). Then shot out the door to his gig. Little did I know he was off on tour to bali the next day with the Rhythm Hunters and then off on a busking tour of Australia.

Episode 5 – Amba Mezzone – Amba is an amazing local talent from the central coast! She performs with her Violin, Guitar and sings a few songs for us. She had a beautiful voice and was incredible at violin. Very professional and talented, I’m sure she will do big things!      

Episode 6 – Jessica Belle – Jess works at my local coffee shop and brings her great voice and song writing for a laid back episode,  She came in, recorded all six songs without making a mistake or hitting a wrong note, Even with the flu!

Episode 7 – Nelipot – Local Erina band bring their catchy grooves for another great Episode of Charlie’s Place. Funky bass, a great voice and guitar, cool drummer. These guys were a blast and if you get a chance check them out live!

Episode 8 – Zipper Clone – Im not exactly sure how you would describe Zipper Clone’s style of music but I’m going to give it a go haha.. Funky, Electronic, psy trance, experimental mind blowing? Yep. Something like that. Whatever it is! These guys were PHAT! I can still feel the bass players rumble in my body haha! Check them out live also!

Go check out the videos, Support some of our amazing local talent! Leave comments and Subscribe!

New Equipment

Up until now I have been recording my Live at Charlie’s Place with my Samsung mobile phone and an old sony action camera. I know the quality hasn’t been the best. But that’s all I have had to work with and I just wanted to make things happen. Im very excited to say that within the next episode or two I will be switching over from my old system( Mobile phones and desktop pc) to my shiny new 4k 360 camera and laptop. This will provide you a HD interactive experience inside my room with the user being able to move the screen around and look wherever you like! Plus with my laptop I will be more mobile and can bring my music production and  Live at Charlie’s place out into the world.


I love listening to podcasts, some of my favourites being, Hamish and andy, marc marion, song exploder. When I was driving home from a market the other day I thought, Why don’t I make one! So I’ve set myself the challenge. Each episode will feature an interview and music from the artists I have on my show. My podcast is still in the works but I have been editing away, making a few phone interviews, creating a theme song, who knew there would be so much to it all.. It’s been an interesting experience so far and I’m sure it will sound great!

Album 2

I have finished off a CD that I will be releasing in the next month It will consist of 10 funky little electronic tracks for $2! I know what your thinking.. What a bargain.. Ill buy 5 copies! Ill keep you posted J

Promo stuff

I have some really cool stickers coming in the mail, If you would like a sticker send me an email and ill post one to you J Plus im officially official now. I have a super fancy business card for my recording/ video services, live at charlie’s place social media sites. Oooo very fancy J

Well that’s pretty much it, Thanks for reading guys. I’m going to try and start writing again so hopefully there will be a few more blogs soon.  


-Charlie Margin

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