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All things are coming up Milhouse. Oh wait.. I mean Charlie..

Hey guys, Charlie Margin here again! Blog Number 5 Wow! At the start of the year I had no idea I would be doing a blog, Let alone blog number 5.. Well as always another ACTION PACKED week in Marginland! It just poured down today.. It wasn’t much fun at the markets standing around in the rain.

I’ve just come back from my grandmothers 80th Birthday party! Happy birthday nanna :D It was a really nice night, The whole mothers side of my family came from all parts of Australia to be here. It was massive!

Anyway.. Lets get to it!

A Few big Milestones have happened for me this week! I’m not going to lie but I’m pretty stoked with myself haha!

1. I know this isn’t a milestone for me… but I would like to give a Massive shoutout to my little brother George! (even tho he’s a bit taller than me)…Don’t tell him I said that hehe.. He sat his final exam on Saturday and I’m sure he will pass... After 4.5 years of pure commitment and hard work he has finished his Double degree at University. All those massive weeks of uni, work, internships, study and even more study.. I’d come home from working all day at the markets and then just relax.. Where George would always put in a few hours of study.. He’s a great brother and a good friend and I wish him well in life! (I secretly want to mooch off him when he is CEO of google) haha.. 

2. Live music – Live At Charlie’s Place – I know I’ve been mentioning it every time I write a new blog but it has finally started! ‘Live at Charlie’s Place’. I will be bringing a video blog of local musicians showcasing their stuff.. Live at Charlie’s place has been an idea of mine for a few years but with lack of equipment I could never pull it off.. Now with technology being so good and being able to buy better equipment It’s become a reality! To start things off I have done 3 completely different acts  this week. An Experimental drum n bass DJ (XSETRA), A solo acoustic act (Leslie Dupont-Louis) and a sick blues band (A Coupla Numbers). All videos will be uploaded to my website and a YouTube channel for people to view. All videos are ready to go, I am just waiting for silly internet company to fix my internet hah! Anyway…. Will be up soon guys :D

3. My Bench! – OMG! I would like to officially thank Wade Rose for making my bench top! Absolute Legend! Haha it’s taken a little while but yewwww! Thank you!! it was  worth the wait :D !! Also Id like to thank Rodney our welder down at the farm. He was able to recycle old mushroom racks and build me a super solid metal frame in less than an hour for free! Genius! :P 

4.  My First official pay cheque since starting my new venture. It was only small but Its better then a poke it the eye :D Hopefully I will sell a few more CD’s too.. All my CD Sales will go into buying better equipment for the project J (Go on buy a copy, You know you want to :P )


5. Album Release I know I actually released my album last week but still.. I’m pretty proud of it.. got to give it a mention :P I’ve had roughly 300 plays on spotify just this week! How awesome! Gimmie my 5c royalties! I just need someone to give me some constructive feedback on it so I can improve!


Anyway that’s enough for now. I’m exhausted and I need sleep! More bands coming in this week!

If you would like to get involved with Live at Charlie’s Place, Contact me through my website or facebook account and we can try sort something out J








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