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Album Launch/ Live Music/ Mushroom Life

Hey Guys Charlie here..

Another big week.. I’m sitting here writing up this blog after a massage and I feel like ive been steamrolled.. one of my vertebrae’s is slightly out of whack and has been causing my body all sorts of problems! (It’s coming good now tho!) I haven’t been able to play any music the past couple of weeks.. Its killing me! Lucky I have had lots of stuff happening to keep me busy.


My album is coming together.. I’ve picked my tracks, named them all, artwork is almost finished, just waiting on a few last things. If all goes to plan ill be finished by next week and release it online through my website/ cdbaby within the next fortnight! The concept is a café jazz album, Nice easy going mellow music to chill out to. The album is a collection of songs I have composed this year on my keyboard and drums and I hope people enjoy listening. I don’t want to become radio famous but I would love to have my music played in commercials, games, menu’s, etc.  


I bought some new acoustic treatment panelling (a bit of an impulse buy, it was cheap and doesn’t really do too much but too late now haha). I purchased some new studio equipment from ‘Turramurra Music’. Furman PL-8C E Classic Series Power Conditioner, Presonus Hp60 Headphone Amp AND a new studio rack off gumtree! It was $50! What a bargain!! All super useful gear.

 My Little Studio Is almost finished and starting to look sick! I have done the measurements for my new desk work space which should be coming next week, I’ve hooked up my record player to my amplifier (its officially cranking now). I’ve been enjoying a classic record I found in a second hand record store – The soundtrack to ’Shaft’ .


I’ve also organised a very special band to start  episode 1 “Live at Charlie’s Place”. A Local Central Coast Blues band named ‘A Couple Of Numbers’ They will get things pumping J



Super busy with farm work, the change of season has dropped the temperatures and made all our mushrooms clustered up together (this makes it much harder to pick and takes so much longer).  We had a tour group during the week, They always leave the farm absolutely stoked and wanting to spread the love.. The good thing about the tour groups are that they all go home and tell 2 or 3 people each about how awesome the farm is and then those 2 or 3 people come down and check out the farm and then tell 2 or 3 more people!


Another busy week of markets. I do four markets each week. Thursday’s - Hornsby westfield, Friday - Warriewood on the northern beaches, Saturday - Redfern and Sundays I head up to Newcastle and do the Broadmeadow Markets. We are always super busy and have such a strong customer following. It’s always so great to hear how much they love our product.

 You can definitely tell it’s coming into winter now..OMG!!  The mornings are always so cold! Definitely need to wear some warmer clothes..

Lately I’ve been reading about inner gut health, and how it relates to your actual health. I haven’t gone to in depth into it yet but from what I understand you have a gut ‘flora’ and just from every day eating and drinking it can throw out your balance of good and bad bacteria. One thing to help gain good bacteria is to drink ‘Kombucha’ (a Fermented tea with added probiotics) I will do an in-depth blog soon. Its actually pretty cool!


 So yeah a busy week….

Live music in the next couple of weeks guys!

Keep Posted!

-Charlie Margin



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Suh dude nice blog. Interesting :)
Keep going!Looking forward to watch the live!
Good for you charlie hope it goes well for you. You are a clever young man xx
AWESOME BLOG Charlie. the variety and good luck with the are one very cool and talented chilled out dude xxx

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