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Album Launch/ Live Music, lots of lights and a truck?! Say what?

Hey Guys Charlie Margin here!

As usual I have been a busy beaver trying to get things sorted! Art work for my album, The actual release of the album, more studio set up, Lighting, organising musicians.. Theres a Big list! Trust me!

My back and arms are feeling much better after another remedial massage, which has made the rest of my body feel 100x better.. One more massage session and I should be ready to take on the world again!  It was a crappy month of May cause of it…..   but… it focused my energy into other ideas and gave me a rest from playing music so now I’m keen to get the creative juices flowing again! 

Anyway… Lets get to things..

A  history on how I got started into music.. It will tie kinda into my album launch. It all began for me in 2006, Year 11, Brisbane Water Secondary Collage ( Woy Woy High School). One of my best friends Jolin Richardson started playing the bass  and jamming  with his friend Craig Pinchbeck who played guitar.  They were looking for someone to play drums and I was up for it! Somehow I managed to convince my parents to let buy a drumkit. (every parent’s worst nightmare! And especially because I had never played a musical instrument before).

 We started jamming together in a vacant factory on my dad’s property. From that first jam we all became best friends and formed a band called ‘The Subtitles’. Ahh.. Good memories.. For the rest of year 11 and 12 we would jam weekends, after school, on lunch breaks and sometimes even wag classes. Hehe.. My parents would always catch us… its pretty hard to hide loud music coming from the yard..

After high school we did as most high school bands do.. We broke up.. Jolin and I would still jam together most days with whoever we could find (mainly guitar players). This is where I bought my First little home studio set up and got me into the world of recording music.  An mbox2 with a behringer mixer.

For years I could only play the drums. It was really my only interest. Other people would come over for a jam and they could always play guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and whenever someone wanted to play drums, I would have to sit out of the jam and just watch/ listen. It wasn’t until 2015.. 9 years later..  I was 25 and decided I needed to learn another instrument… This way I could make my own music and jam with others. It was one of the best decisions in my life to start playing piano. It opened up a whole new way of looking at music. Playing drums, Its all about keeping time and getting that right feel with the bass player.. No notes, No chords, No scales, Just hitting the right thing at the right time..(it’s a little more complicated then that.. but you get the point :P ) With the piano it opened up all of that and gave me access to write my own songs. It was a total mind blow the first year learning how chords relate to each other, how to make melodies, jamming with people. I Still have so much to learn.

The year is now 2016 I decide that I want to release an album.. Its my 2016 new years resolution, I have been playing keyboard for about a year now.. My music and song writing have slowly been developing. As time goes on and friends move away Its always harder to find people to jam with.. My music making partner in crime (jolin) has gone on a 6 month holiday and I am left on my own. This is what has motivated me into knuckling down and making this album. I kick into over drive trying to make a minimum of ATLEAST one song a day.

Album Launch! Cosmic swells. ITS DONE!

I am very excited to announce the release my debut album ‘ Cosmic Swells’. I did my research and chose to release with an independent music company called ‘Cd baby’ They are great for independent artist like myself. Great with pricing, easy to use, lots of available services, Even this website ‘Hostbaby’ is all available through . I would recommend to any musician looking to release and album to look them up.  The album is available to purchase from CD-Baby Shop. It also available on my website, spotify and all other streaming services. Check it out!

The album launch coincides with my  live music efforts. I plan to get a local band, duo, dj, solo artist, to come into my recording studio and do a 15- 20 minute set. This will be available FREE on youtube/ my website for you to enjoy. I already have a solid line up of people coming in :D First lot of musicians filming next week.

Please buy a copy and help keep my dream happening J All of my album sales will go into keep my live music project running..  It’s $10 for 20 songs. That works out at .50c per song! It’s a great album to put on and let your mind wander or just chill.

Studio life

Omg! OMG! OMG! My studio is starting to look great! Ill be posting a video soon! I am still waiting to finish my WORK BENCH. That will all happen soon! (fingers crossed)  I have purchase a bunch of LED lighting for my room to give it a bit of mood. My rack is all set up along with my  surround sound for my record player. This week’s record I’ve been loving is The Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio. A mixture of hop hop, jazz, Funky sort of music. All killer musicians! Give that a listen too. 

I purchased a pair of rode NT5’s for overheads, They give such an awesome sound. AND I've cleaned it all up ready for Sunday when my very first Act comes in to record! Be on the look out!


Farm life

Haha well just to keep it short and sweet. My family has bought a  massive truck! It is huge! This will carry all of our mushroom compost blocks and peat moss from Singleton to our farm. It’s a great investment for us even as a backup cool room!

Anyway.. That’s it guys. Keep posted! There is lots of live music on its way! Please check out my album. Even if you don’t buy a copy you can free stream from spotify. Let me know what you think!

-Charlie Margin



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Vivid Movie very psychedelic loved it felt like I was there :) x
Hey should be very proud of yourself! Luuuuv your music and your website is fab. Might be time to throw in the mushroom boots :) Evy

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