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A Mushroom Farmer On A Mission!



Hi guys, I thought I would write a little post on what my project is all about and get my writing juices flowing (hehe). This is my first ever blog post and I am keen for a Massive 2016! BIG THINGS ARE ON THE HORIZON! I hope to bring lots to the table this year for everyone to enjoy.



A little introduction, my name is Charlie Margin and I am 26 years old. I work for my family business as a mushroom farmer and I love all things music! I was born in Woy Woy on the Central Coast, Nsw, Australia. It’s a beautiful part of the world…  An hour north of Sydney surrounded by beaches and bushland. I have grown up here all my life. ‘Its so nice, They named it twice’

My family has lived  in the Woy Woy area for over 100 years. They made soft drinks, Ice-cream, ice and orange juice (under the name ‘Margin’s Soft Drinks’) and operated for over 70 years. Where I live is the old soft drink factory.  (I am actually the fifth generation to live in my house!)

As a kid I loved to play sport, skateboard and video games. I always had a huge love of music from a young age, but never played an instrument. It wasn’t until year 11 in high school some friends had started playing guitar and bass and somehow I managed to convince my parents into letting me buy a drumkit.. The rest was history.. Ive never looked back!


In my Early 20’s my family started a mushroom farm in Woy Woy. (I know! It’s a bit random but I absolutely love my job). It started in a tiny room at home 6 years ago, growing about 100kg a month (very small). It quickly grew in size and we had to move location. These days we have 4 massive rooms and grow over a tonne of mushrooms every week!  We have been operating for over 6 years now and supply mushrooms through Farmers markets in the Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle areas.  We had never grown mushrooms before so it has been a MASSIVE learning experience over the past few years.  



Its 2016 and I’m planning big things! I have made this website ( to integrate everything together to get things happening! I have a CD that is in the progress of being made, I am starting to do some gear reviews, I want to start blogging about: mushroom farming, weekly events,  music/ producing, music questions, live band reviews.


One thing I am most excited about is that I will be hosting a live gig from my recording studio with a different group of musicians each time. (check out Charlie’s Place tab).  I know from experience how hard it is for local bands to get their music out. This will hopefully be an outlet for local musicians to play,  share their music and build a fanbase! If you are interested please contact me and lets see what we can arrange!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again! – Charlie Margin.

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YOU'RE A BLOGGER NOW! Wooooo! ;) xx
Sick post. Love it, Charles.

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