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Charlie Margin

Hello, My name is Charlie Margin and welcome to my website!

This website is dedicated to hosting my music, blogs, gear reviews, live music and whatever else I’m involved with at the time. I am always open to try new and exciting ideas!


A little about myself.

Name: Charlie Margin,

Age: 27

Location: Woy Woy, Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia. One hour north of Sydney.

Im a DIY musician, I play a few instruments (drums, piano and guitar being my strongest). I am a mushroom farmer (I know it’s pretty random isn’t it!) MARGIN'S MUSHROOMS , I work at a few different farmers markets around the Sydney/ Central Coast/ Newcastle areas and in my spare time I like to play music.

I’m a super laid back guy who appreciates all  sorts of music and getting together with friends and jamming it out .


2017 was a mixed year for me.. I slacked off with my music blog and focused more on my music. 

  • Continue 'Live at Charlie's Place' this will be season 3!!. (I'm always looking for new musical acts to showcase! Send me a message).
  • Continue learning the guitar and bass. I also want to learn a wind instrument.
  • Release a bunch of new songs/ Albums.
  • Collaborate with lots of amazing local talent.
  • Start my podcast and blog again. 

Upcoming plans for 2017:

  • Release my second album! 
  • Start my 'Live at Charlie's Place' music blog up again. 
  • I want to learn to play the guitar. 
  • Hopefully another overseas trip.

Upcoming plans for 2016:

  • Release my first CD, Possibly have a second by the end of the year.
  • Start blogging – Join in on my weekly adventures, Market life, music I’ve been listening to, live shows, Etc.
  • Gear reviews
  • A Live studio gig featuring friends and other local talent. (Charlie’s Place) There are two concepts to this idea.  First Is to bring a different group of people together each time.  it maybe  friends,  an actual band, duo, solo artist, dj, and do a small set. The second concept is to bring people who have never played together and see what happens. This will then be available for Everyone to watch.

If you would be interested in appearing in Charlie’s Place, Please contact me through the contacts page! We can sort something out!